Past Projects

The Challenge: The music industry has been going through enormous challenges as the digital age comes about. One of our sister companies, Safe-Xchange, LLC, was looking for a way to help musicians. They decided that a new form of distribution, digital record albums, would be a great help.

The Solution: We developed a digital record album that could be configured by the artist and would run as an app on Windows and Mac or could be used as a website. We used Actionscript 3, XML, and HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP. You can read more about it here.
The Challenge: A company needed a metronome with a great user interface, capable of doing different time signatures and changing the tempo during a session. At the same time it needed an extremely accurate timer.

The Solution: C# is a good language for user interfaces, but it lacks accuracy for timing. We did the user interface in C#, but created an extremely accurate timer using C++.
The Challenge: A major telecommunications company needed a way to showcase its voice recognition and text-to-speech technology to build acceptance of its product line.

The Solution: SEI developed a unique application that allowed users to browse the internet by voice. Users' reactions? "Wow" is typical.
The Challenge: A small company in California wanted to help recording studio engineers measure their hearing with the high level of accuracy required by that industry using only a PC and a set of accurate headphones.

The Solution: We developed an audiometry program so complete and accurate it was used by NASA in the Space Shuttle Atlantis to test the hearing of the astronauts while in space.
The Challenge: Getting voiceover recording from people who were not able to get to the recording studio.

The Solution: We developed the audio code for both Windows and Macintosh which allowed voiceover personnel to record over the sound track.
The Challenge: A security products company needed a way to control access to files on a user-by-user basis on all Windows operating systems.

The Solution: A compact yet highly secure module that is the core of a widely used security product.
The Challenge: A major chip vendor needed to showcase their newly developed USB chip for potential OEMs.

The Solution: We developed a hardware, software and firmware reference design that allowed Standard Microsystems to show their customers a complete, consumer-oriented, USB audio record and playback device.