Our Specialities Include:

Application Development for Windows, Mac, and Linux: Developing applications that satisfy customers in a time frame that gets them to market before the product is outdated is one of the most important challenges in the technology business. Singing Electrons, Inc. specializes in rapid application development using a variety of tools and libraries that allow our clients to keep their costs low and get their products to their customers before someone else does.

Internet Sites and Distributed Applications and Services: We built our own Web store before it was easy; we can use our skills and experience to help you with your web-based or distributed application or service.

Device Drivers for Windows, Mac, and Linux: Stable, reliable, maintainable device drivers require specialized knowledge, experience, and tools. Our drivers for clients like Philips and Motorola have won rave reviews and satisfied the most demanding requirements.
We have been creating device drivers on a wide variety of platforms since 1984. Our experience and skill can make the difference between products that build positive relationships with your customers and ones that funnel what should have been your profits into handling support calls.