Client Comments

Jon Staebell, AT&T: "Singing Electrons has delivered quality code to us that is on-time and within budget. They are very professional to work with, and have been good software partners for us."
Dave Sparks, Engineering Executive/Audio Expert: My company contracted Tom's company to write a Windows device driver for our product. Tom and his staff delivered a solid piece of software on time and on budget.
Tony Eldon, CEO, Undersea Studio Lab: "I have had the pleasure of utilizing Singing Electrons to work with my company in developing the software portion of our unique and intricate audiological self-test system. They have proven time and again that they are able to provide the necessary core functions we require, and then modify them as our understanding of what we needed got clarified. The end result of our collaborative efforts is being used by NASA aboard the Space Shuttle, and is soon to be fully launched into the Pro Audio and Consumer Audio markets."
Nate Dahl, President, PowerLeap: "Developing custom Windows software with the indispensable help of Singing Electrons was not only very successful, but also pleasant. Their broad knowledge of system internals, VxD programming and user interfaces was key to the success of our project, which came in on time and on budget, but most importantly, doing business with Singing Electrons is like having a partner: they truly take a personal stake in making your product a success."
Neil Vandais, Vista Medical Technologies: "Singing Electrons developed a speech-enabled module for us which made our product very intuitive and easy to use. We found Tom and his staff to be both professional and pleasant to work with. Their concern for completing the project in time for us to exhibit our product at an important trade show was gratifying, and we look forward to working with them in future."